034 Le Nude Astera Lipstick
034 Le Nude Astera Lipstick
034 Le Nude Astera Lipstick
034 Le Nude Astera Lipstick

034 Le Nude Astera Lipstick

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This nude immediately brings to mind the fascinating array of colours in a Frida Kahlo painting. Wear these delicate, bronze-inflected, woody-orange shades, which are interlaced with a hint of paprika-hued coppery red.

A lightweight texture for a soft, luminous finish.

THE ESSENCE Cherished. Flawless. Serene

PIGMENT Cosmos – Cosmos sulphureus – belongs to the Asteraceae family and originates from Latin America, where it formed part of a long-standing tradition of textile expertise in pre-Colombian cultures. A treaty dating from 1703 about cloth dyeing in Quito reveals that its powerful, vivid yellow-orange pigment was used to colour wool. Venezuelans eat chocolate cosmos flowers in salads for their sweet flavour and medicinal hepatoprotective qualities.

FINISH The power of plant-based pigments produces a colour that adapts to the natural tone and pH level of your lips. For a more intense shade, simply layer up the colour.

CLEAN BEAUTY & VEGAN This lipstick does not contain any synthetic pigments, titanium dioxide, mica, synthetic fragrance, BHT, BHA, artificial preservatives, silicones, squalene, colourants or animal- derived ingredients.

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  • Shea butter: repairing and nourishing
  • Jojoba, apricot, sunflower and castor oil: hydrating and antioxidant qualities
  • Plant-based rice bran, candelilla and carnauba waxes: softening and protecting